Activities near the hotel
Olympic equestrian center
The Greek Jockey Club is the premier sports riding club in Greece (founded in 1931) for the cultivation of the sport and spirit of Philip. Several members of today's large family of riding, athletes and actors launched by the Greek Equestrian Club, still are been distinguished and offer to the sport both in Greece and internationally.
The distance from Pantheon Hotel to the Greek Equestrian Club is only 5 minutes drive by car.
Enjoy meat grilled on a spit, unique and authentic flavors, nicely cooked chops, huge burgers, intestines, sheep, beef liver and many other unique flavors of excellent quality.
The meat is fresh, Greek and certified by local producers.
Traditional taverns in Kalyvia
Beaches and Sea
Tourist resort of Porto Rafti
Porto Rafti now known seaside town and this is the municipal beach (Avlaki). It is among the areas with the Keratea and Markopoulo Koropi who were highly residential development after the works carried out in the region in 2004. There is lively in the summer months the city with numerous cafes, restaurants and taverns, but everything is just along the major road junctions and department stores are all known products and food chains.
The distance from Pantheon Hotel to Porto Rafti beach is only 10 minutes drive by car.
The port of Lavrion is one of the most important marine geophysics nodes with prominent and strategic location.
It has been identified as one of the ports of national importance by taking essential and complementary role to the port of Piraeus and the broader Attica Port System. Today, the port serves multiple activities relating to shipping, yacht areas, cruise ships, fishing and trade. The port of Lavrio, Attica ferry connects with Cyclades and some islands of the Dodecanese and the North Sea.
The distance from Pantheon Hotel to port of Lavrion is only 20 minutes drive by car.

Lavrio port